Empowering LATAM’s Developer Community: A Conversation with Anthony Bartolo and Luis Beltran

In a recent and enlightening discussion with Anthony Bartolo, Principal Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, and Luis Beltran, Microsoft MVP, the focus was squarely on the burgeoning technology landscape across Latin America (LATAM) and the critical role of accessible educational resources in nurturing the next generation of developers. Bartolo, who is deeply involved in Microsoft’s global educational initiatives, shared valuable insights and resources aimed at empowering educators and students alike in the LATAM region.

The dialogue took place against the backdrop of increasing recognition of the tech talent in LATAM and the need to provide robust support structures to harness this potential fully. One of the central issues addressed was the noticeable gap in Spanish-language content and resources, which poses a significant barrier for aspiring developers in the region.

Among the highlights Bartolo shared were several key Microsoft and GitHub services and curricula designed to integrate technology seamlessly into computer science education and for us, community leaders to use as a guide to . These include:

  • Azure for Students: Offering $100 in Azure service credits, this program is a boon for students looking to explore Azure products and services without financial constraints.
  • GitHub Classroom and Codespaces: Tools that revolutionize how educators manage, organize, and deliver course content, facilitating a hands-on learning experience through cloud-based development environments.
  • GitHub Copilot: An AI-driven tool that aids students in learning new programming languages and frameworks by providing real-time examples and documentation.

Additionally, great curriculum offerings, such as Web Dev for Beginners, AI for Beginners, Data Science for Beginners, Machine Learning for Beginners, and IoT for Beginners, stand out as comprehensive resources. These curricula cover fundamental and advanced topics across key technology domains, offering structured, project-based learning experiences.

This initiative is a call to action for educators, students, and the community leaders in LATAM to leverage these resources and contribute to a future where technology education is universally accessible, empowering individuals to shape the next wave of innovation and digital transformation.

To review the resources follow this link: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/educator-developer-blog/microsoft-resources-for-teachers-at-sigcse-2023/ba-p/3766502

LATAM out!

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