Mobile Blazor Binding and Xamarin

Stay tuned for a new tutorial on how to create mobile applications with Blazor. As part of a great initiative of the Xamarin community in Spanish, on December 9 we will be creating a sample project from scratch. If you want to learn more about this event check the link below.

And don’t forget you can switch languages at the top of my blog . Blazor out!

BIING20 – Talk about Technical Debt

Last Friday on November 20th I had the chance to talk about Technical Debt in the IV Bienal internacional de Ingenieria de Sistemas event of the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia . We discussed what is Technical Debt, several indicators of Technical Debt and ways to minimize them in your software projects. I personally had a great time interacting and providing real world examples to the students of the System engineering program. Thanks to the University of Colombia for the opportunity and everyone keep tuned for a future workshop together.

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Impostor Syndrome can bite me

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I recently was on my daily commute and as always I use that time to get up to speed on the new episodes of all the podcasts I subscribe to. Anyways I was listening to HANSELMINUTES and a specially interesting episode:

I would highly recommend it but what really struck me was this idea of sharing our learning process. Nobody is an expert on day one and the path to master a specific topic as we all know it, can be a roller-coaster and you are guarantee to fail, but failing fast and in the open can accelerate your recovery and better yet, motivate or encourage others to communicate their own discoveries and save you from taking a route they already proved it wrong.

Let’s comeback to this in a second.

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