XAF WinForms – Signing application with an EV Certificate

Real client experience.

1. Distribute your app with ClickOnce

2. Purchase an OV Code Signing Certificate. and found that a prospect was still unable to download the software, being blocked by the Microsoft SmartScreen.

3. Purchase an EV Code Signing certificate which is on a hardware token (USB). EV Code Signing boosts your SmartScreen reputation and gets your software trusted.

Now what?

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Blazor Scaling Choices and Azure Load Balancing: Getting Started

In the dynamic world of web applications, ensuring your Blazor app can handle increasing user demands is crucial. Blazor’s server-side architecture, powered by C# and .NET, offers impressive interactivity, but as your user base grows, maintaining optimal performance becomes a priority.

Scaling isn’t just about adding servers—it’s a comprehensive approach.

Let’s dig deeper.

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