XAF Wizard Module by eXpandFramework

This post it is just to give a great shout out to Apostolis Bekiaris. The wizard module from eXpandFramework is a beauty.

I won’t go trough the implementation because the only thing I did was taking the project from the source:

and running a Test Application on top of it. If you want to dig deeper you can see the whole solution here.

Now, let’s see how an end user will take advantage of it.

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Customs Fields at runtime for XAF

This will be a really short post. When presented with a XAF challenge the first thing I do it is a quick search trough the support tickets to see if there is already an implementation that I can adapt to my needs. Most of the time I find something that I can use, but also most of the time I have to actually code it and run it to see if it is exactly what I need it.

If you are like me, you would love to have a visual before getting to deep and realizing I am on the wrong path. I also realize DevExpress receives tons of tickets daily so this is not feasible for them.

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