New YouTube Channel and XAFers Training

Yes I did, inspired by my friend and DevExpress MVP Joche I decided to give it a try and start my own channel, also Javier Suarez in .Net Conf Xamarin sounds like me (a thick Spanish accent) so why not? If you are interested in XAF, XPO and Xamarin (and if you are here, you probably are) then subscribe and I will try to have new content every 15 days or at least monthly.

What would you guys think about a series of videos reviewing all XAF modules, the ones from DevExpress first and then all modules done by the community?

Here is the link for the channel:

Lastly, I am really excited to say that is finally live. We plan to host sessions two Saturdays a month covering XAF, XPO, Xamarin and a lot more. We are starting with 5 courses:

Well, that is it for today. See you next time. XAF out!

XAF Web – Add CSS Style

First, I have to admit CSS and Javascript are not my stronger points. With that out of the way, some times a simple change makes a big difference in the appearance of your app.

Well, let’s change the color of the header bar in our XAF Web application.

public class AddStyleController : ViewController

        protected override void OnViewControlsCreated()

            LiteralControl style = new LiteralControl();
            style.Text = "<style type='text/css' scoped>.white { background-color: palegreen; }</style>";


And good to go:

Source Code:

Until next time, XAF out!