Empowering LATAM’s Developer Community: A Conversation with Anthony Bartolo and Luis Beltran

In a recent and enlightening discussion with Anthony Bartolo, Principal Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, and Luis Beltran, Microsoft MVP, the focus was squarely on the burgeoning technology landscape across Latin America (LATAM) and the critical role of accessible educational resources in nurturing the next generation of developers. Bartolo, who is deeply involved in Microsoft’s global educational initiatives, shared valuable insights and resources aimed at empowering educators and students alike in the LATAM region.

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Microsoft MVP Global Summit 2023πŸ’₯ Impressions

Participating in the Microsoft MVP Global Summit is an unforgettable experience that any tech enthusiast would cherish for a lifetime. It’s a gathering of the brightest and most passionate technology experts from all around the world, all in one place, sharing their insights, experiences, and ideas.

Here are my impressions from the Microsoft MVP Global Summit 2023πŸ’₯


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