XAF Win – Actions Placement in the Ribbon

When talking about actions placement we have a lot of choices. We can change the action container in the model or if doing it by code:

public class MyViewController : ViewController {
    public MyViewController() {
        SimpleAction myAction = new SimpleAction(this, "MyAction", "View");
        myAction.ImageName = "Action_SimpleAction";

Here we can change the category (“View”) that map to that action container and that will be enough. We can also change the index inside the action container if we need a specific order. We can create a new Ribbon Template like shown here. A little cumbersome right? But what do we do if we want to have our action in a separate RibbonGroup and/or RibbonPage?

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XAF Win Image in ListView Grouping

Following last post about grouping selection in a ListView this time we will focus on adding an image to display when grouping. (if my words don’t paint a complete picture refer to the image above).

This can be useful for example for products and categories. You can display a picture of the Category certain products belong and show those products when expanding the group. Let’s take a look:

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