XAFers Community Standup. Let’s get back to basics – XAF 101

Date and Time: October 14th 2021 10:00 am (GMT -7) Arizona Time

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Questions to Discuss

I have an XAF WinForms and WebForms apps that use the same application database and security user and role data. We also need to develop a non-XAF Console and ASP.NET Core service apps that would leverage the same XAF’s security system permissions and API. Is it possible with the maximum reuse of existing code and data?

Sure, it is possible to use XAF’s security system in non-XAF apps. Check out our new landing page and examples for different .NET UI platforms devoted to this topic:


Entity Framework Core 3 is also supported for these security scenarios.

Is Entity Framework Core preferred over XPO in XAF?

No, absolutely now. It is just another ORM data access layer for new XAF users. Note that ORM choice is typically made once in a life and there are users with previous experience who may also want to use XAF’s UI and non-visual features like security system.
We are proud of XPO and keep maintaining and evolving it (expected new cool features in v20.2).  You also do not need to migrate from XPO to EF Core just because we support new features for it in XAF😊

More Questions from the Community

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  • When the scheduler module will be available?
  • How to scale up a xaf website for better performance?

XAF/XPO Overview Slides

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