UnoConf Impressions

On September 18, I arrived in Montreal for UnoConf. The conference took place the 19th with an amazing workshop held on the 20th.

Without delay I will drop here a great recap so you can see for yourself how amazing it was. Spoilers: Great Keynote by Miguel de Icaza. Awesome session by Jerome Laban and, wait for it … WebAssembly Renderers for Xamarin.Forms.

I also had the opportunity to participate in a really interesting workshop led by Geoffrey Huntley. (It is open source by the way so feel free to pass it along in your local community)

The latino community was there (myself included of course) and we even were invited to a coffee by the great Miguel whom talked us about AI, Machine Learning and Neural Networks.

Lastly, I made it to the contributors list of the workshop. Yay!!

As always, I won’t stop saying this, get involved in the community. Do it now.

Don’t know how? Check  here. Thank me later.

Below is an impression of UnoConf:

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