DevExpress Reports Best Practices

This article is basically a post-it for myself and our team. I want to thanks Dave from Llamachant for the list.

Without further ado…

Reports Best Practices

  • Report Title โ€“ Is it present and formatted using a Style Sheet?
  • Page Footer โ€“ Is the footer in place with Page X of Y and the date it was printed?
  • Style Sheet โ€“ Is it being used correctly across all elements?
  • Page Orientation โ€“ Should the report be Landscape or Portrait?
  • Page Margins โ€“ Are the margins set appropriately (should they be Narrow)?
  • Overlapping โ€“ Are any elements overlapping or red to indicate an export issue?
  • Spelling and Grammar โ€“ Did you re-read the report to ensure spelling and grammar is correct?
  • Parameters โ€“ Are the parameters named correctly and in use?
  • Parameter Info โ€“ Are key parameters displayed on the report anywhere?
  • Sorting / Grouping โ€“ Is the data grouped and sorted correctly? Parameters also sorted correctly?
  • Page Breaks โ€“ Are groups of data kept together or are headers on the bottom of one page and the data on the next page with no headers?
  • Page Headers โ€“ Similar to a report header, are there headers on subsequent pages if needed?
  • Font Consistency โ€“ Make sure the same font is used within elements unless a different font was used intentionally on certain items (Such as a report title)


Reports Out!


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