CodeRush Shortcuts for XAF, Xamarin, ReactiveUI and Prism

A few months back my great friend Joche Ojeda did  a post on a CodeRush Template for Xamarin forms bindable property and to quote him exactly:

“From time to time I realize that a lot of the stuff I’m writing is repetitive and complex, so that is the perfect time to create a new code rush custom template, behold the new template xfbp (xamarin forms bindable property).”

Well, behold some other templates for XAF, Xamarin, Prism and Reactive UI.


Lately I found myself using less and less of the designers to implement ViewControllers so boilà:

xvc – XAF ViewController with a Simple Action

xsa – XAF simple action




Custom Editor


Model Default


Reactive UI

We are all used to xps for a string persistent property,  xpd8 for a datetime persistent property and so on. It generates the SetPropertyValue method for us and handle the INotifyPropertyChanged.

For RxUI the method is called RaiseAndSetIfChanged so instead of xps we have:


rd – For Doubles

rde – For Decimals

rd8 – For DateTime

rb – For Bool


xfpc – Delegate Command

xfpcp – Delegate Command with Parameters

Xamarin Forms

xfdt – Device Timer


dvc – Debug.WriteLine

By Joche Ojeda

By Llamachant

Until next time, CodeRush Out!

PS. I will export all these templates and share them here in the near future but if you want them right away just send me a message.


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