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XAF Code Diagnostics

Thursday October 13th 10:00 AM GMT -7

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  • Introductions
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  • XAF Code Diagnostics
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Code Diagnostics

XAF0001: Implement XPO business class constructors correctly

XAF0002: XPO business class properties should not be overridden

XAF0003: XPO business classes should be public

XAF0004: Implement XAF controller constructors correctly

XAF0005: XAF controller classes should be public

XAF0009: Properties decorated with the RuleRequiredFieldAttribute should be of nullable or reference type
XAF0010: Set the DelayedAttribute.UpdateModifiedOnly property to True

XAF0011: Implement the delayed property correctly

XAF0012: Avoid calling the XafApplication.CreateObjectSpace() method overload without the Type parameter

XAF0013: Avoid reading the XafApplication.ConnectionString property

XAF0014: The property with the Association attribute must have a correct unique pair

XAF0015: Association must not have the Aggregated attribute if it is paired to the “many” end of the association

XAF0016: Descendants of NonPersistentBaseObject and NonPersistentLiteObject must be decorated with the DomainComponent attribute

XAF0018: Avoid creating a new Session/UnitOfWork with parameterless constructors in XPO-based projects

XAF0019: Apply ExplicitLoadingAttribute only to reference properties

XAF0020: Avoid applying NonPersistentAttribute to properties without a public setter

XAF0021: Create new controllers correctly

XAF0022: Avoid using the ShowViewStrategy.ShowView method

XAF0023: Do not implement IObjectSpaceLink in the XPO classes

XAF0024: Do not implement IXafEntityObject in the XPO classes

Project Diagnostics

XAF0006: Invalid target platform. Change the target platform to “Any CPU” in the project or solution properties

XAF0007: The Build Action property of the XAFML file must be set to Embedded resource

XAF0008: The current Visual Studio version is not supported or .NET 6.0+ SDK is not installed

XAF0017: Incompatible assemblies must not be added to the same project

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