XAFers Community Standup. EF Core

EF Core has evolved a lot to match XPO and sometimes can be even better in certain scenarios. Let’s discuss.

Thursday November 10th 10:00 AM GMT -7


Tentative Agenda: 

  • Introductions
  • Announcements
  • XAF with EF Core
  • Questions

Relevant Links:

Basic .NET 6+ WinForms & Blazor Tutorial (Project Manager) => Entity Framework Core for data access.


Entity Framework Core


The Importance of Property Change Notifications


XAF and EF Core

Business Model Design with Entity Framework Core

Use the Entity Framework Core Data Model

Relationships Between Entities in Code and UI

Generate EF Core Business Classes from an Existing Database for .NET 6+ Blazor/WinForms Applications (Database First)

Change Tracking in EF Core DbContext and Performance Considerations

How to: Initialize Business Objects with Default Property Values in Entity Framework Core

How to: Supply Initial Data for the Entity Framework Core Data Model

How to: Use the Entity Framework Core Data Model Located in an External Assembly

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