XAF, ReflectionMagic And Font Awesome- Quick Trick


Let’s see another example…

The Problem:

Adding the Font Awesome icons to the XAF action in the lookups.

Our Solution

The newButtonModel and editButtonModel are private so here is where ReflectionMagic shines.

  View.CustomizeViewItemControl<LookupPropertyEditor>(this, e =>

                e.AsDynamic().newButtonModel.ChildContent = null;
                e.AsDynamic().newButtonModel.IconCssClass = "fa-solid fa-plus"; //FontAwesome Icon
                e.AsDynamic().newButtonModel.Text = "";




What do you guys think of this trick -we have a lot more of those 🙂

Lastly, don’t forget to add the reflection magic nuget packet to include the dark “magic” in your app.

Until next time. XAF out!

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