Glide Apps and XAF

Due to a client request we are excited to announce a new integration that brings together the power of Google Sheets, DevExpress XAF, and Glide Apps. This integration opens up new possibilities for seamless data management and mobile app development. ( We still prefer MAUI 😁)

Key Features

  1. Google Sheets Integration: By connecting Google Sheets with certain tables of our database, we ensure a smooth flow of data between your spreadsheet and your XAF applications. This integration allows for real-time updates and data synchronization, enhancing productivity and efficiency.
  2. Mobile App Development with Glide: Leveraging the data from Google Sheets and XAF, we use Glide Apps to create intuitive and functional mobile applications. This process simplifies the creation of mobile interfaces, making it accessible even to those with minimal coding experience.

What’s Next?

Stay tuned for more information and resources that will guide you through the process of leveraging this powerful combination of tools.

Glide out!

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