Creating a Custom Template – XAF with Win, Web and Blazor

The new XAF Blazor UI has all the community going crazy and doing all sort of cool projects. If you have read the XAF Blazor FAQ you know that:

“The wizard does not currently support the capability to add Blazor UI projects to existing XAF applications. To re-use your existing business model, platform-independent controllers and Application Model settings, attach your platform-independent modules to a new Blazor application (Add a Module in Code). Modules should be converted to .NET Standard 2.0. See the following article: How to port an XAF platform-agnostic module to .NET Standard 2.0+.”

There has been a lot of interest in this topic so we decided to create a quick video about having your XAF Win, Web and Blazor in the same solution.

You can see the video here:

Now, let’s create a custom template that contains all platform XAF offer us.

Step 1 –  .template.config

We need to create a folder called .template.config in the root of the solution directory.

Step 2 –  template.json

Inside the new created folder we need to add a file called template.json that looks like this:

As you can see in this link our template will be called by its shortname “xafall” and the sourcename it is for replacing with your own project name.

Step 3 –  Install the template

As simple as dotnet new –install ~path to the root directory of the template solution.

In our case:

The new template is installed and ready to use.


And Boom:

Pretty neat right?

We now could create a nuget package for our template and have it available for the community. If you want to learn more about custom template, I would highly encourage you to check this Channel 9 Series:

Source code:


Want to see your template in a GUI and not use the CLI?

In Visual Studio under Preview Features check the following checkbox:

Until next time. XAF out!

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